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Picture of Gareth and Ciara Mc Glynn of Niche SSP, holding NEAwards sign.

Niche Requirements

Niche are a Recruitment Company focused solely on delivering the top 10% of Construction Estimating Talent within the United States.

We designed & developed an online presence & marketing support structure to do just that.

"Niche SSP recruits the top 10% of estimators in the US, delivering 9 months faster than their competitors."

Their website needed to be fast, responsive, and ranking for top terms within the industry: Generating consistent organic leads week on week.


Designed to capture new candidates through:
  • Lead Magnets
  • On-page Signups
  • Easy Apply Forms
  • Job Alert Signups
  • Direct Dial Links
Comprehensive database of Niche SSP preconstruction jobs from across the US
  • Searchable
  • Keyword Focused
  • Niche SSP Consultants Can Control / Edit All Jobs From Front End
Screen shot of Niche SSP Homepage

Shareable Lead Magnets

Email capture funnels
Integrated with ATS & marketing automation software so consultant's workflow begins as soon as a lead is captured

Gif of customer using Niche sites Lead Magnets

Live Jobs Map

Candidates can instantly narrow down to their desired location
Gif of a Niche SSP location map with info cards popping up

Dynamic Contact Cards

Consultant's linked to both Live Jobs & Content relevant to their area/division
Picture of  Niche SSP Consultant Card

Editable Job Posts

Consultants get full control of their own locations & jobs
Picture of Editing Text on Niche Site

Customised Social Shares

Turn static web content into shareable microcontent for LinkedIn & other channels
Screenshot of Niche Linedin Job Advert

Dynamic Job Search

  • Company Profiles
  • Salary Ranges
  • Job Levels
Picture of Niche job adverts

Dynamic Call to Action

Rotating calls to action that work to increase conversion

A gif showing dynamic calls to action

All Content Editable

Staff can quickly chop and change site content to match current campaigns 
Picture of Niche location cards

Act on Signups FAST

Consultants are notified as soon as a new lead or signup arrives through the site. A message lands directly in the team Slack & location consultant's inbox.
Picture of a form notification from Niche website on slack


  • Developed Content Marketing Strategy
  • Delivering Weekly Blog Posts
  • Providing Day-to-Day Marketing Support

Content Writing

Blog Posts created using Hubspot's Topic Cluster Model. SEO Optimised & Structured to rank for the terms that Niche's audience are searching for. Published weekly. With content matter expertise written by US based writers.
Screen shot of Niche Blog Cards

Increased Organic Growth

Driving increased organic traffic through
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO (Link Building)
  • Weekly Technical Audits
With customised weekly reporting
Screen shot of graph showing increase in organic growth via Rhodemore SEO strategy

Shareable Microcontent

Turning long term investment (blog post content) into reusable assets for Social Media & Email Marketing

We provide regular, reliable delivery of assets as well as responding to ad-hoc requests from Niche SSP consultants within the hour.

Niche Remote Estimator Job Designed by Rhodemore
Niche Salary Survey Designed by Rhodemore

Podcast Production

  • Video Editing
  • Title Animation
  • Full Transcription
  • Promoted on all major channels
Screenshot of Nice Podcast Designed by Rhodemore

Marketing Operations Hub

  • SEO & Content Repository
  • Full Visibility for all Team Members
  • Training Video Library
Screen shot of Niche operations hub Designed by Rhodemore

Increased Email Deliverability

  • Increased Open Rates
  • Increased Reply Rates
  • SPF, DMARC & DKIM Alignment
  • Custom Domain Setup & DNS Management
  • Reduced No. of emails landing in Spam, Promotions
an email notifications

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